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Research Confirms Video Improves Learning Results

• When you have access to a computer read the eBook or watch the video. 
• When you only have access to a smartphone or mp3 player listen to the audiobook.

52-Second Mindfulness Benefits Video Example


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Mindfulness Workbook

Use the Mindfulness Workbook to be your guide to meaningful mindfulness practice, enabling you to live in the present moment.

Mindfulness Audiobook

Listen to the mindfulness audiobook on your smartphone or mp3 player while you’re driving, while you’re cooking, while you’re shopping, while you’re exercising, while you’re waiting in line or some other time.

Mindfulness Video

Research Confirms Video Improves Learning Results!…Watch the Mindfulness Video to enhance your integration of the material by employing more of your senses.

Mindfulness Workbook Audiobook

What is Mindfulness?        

Part 1 – Mindfulness Actions      

Chapter 1 – Where do I Begin?   

Chapter 2 – Basics of Mindfulness         

Chapter 3 – Mindfulness at Home

Chapter 4 – Mindful Intuitions

Chapter 5 – Mindful Intentions

Chapter 6 – Emotions

Chapter 7 – Thoughts

Chapter 8 – Breathing

Chapter 9 – Physical Body

Chapter 10 – Relationships

Part II – Mindfulness & Disorders

Chapter 11 – Stress, Anger

Chapter 12 – ADHD

Chapter 13 – Mental Illness

Chapter 14 – Moods

Chapter 15 – Medical, Pain, Sleep Disorders.


  • The Power of Controlling Your Thoughts and Emotions

  • A Quick Guide to Basic Neuroscience

  • Why You Need Mindfulness

  • Why Your Attention is What Really Matters

  • Some Powerful Mindfulness Practices You Can Try Right Now

  • Language and Mindfulness

  • Meditation Practice

Learn Proven Practices To Live In The Present Moment

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